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History of Original Mixture

Phone: +44 (0) 20 75 87 1694/ +44 (0) 20 72 31 5277
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Andy Webster and I, Mitch Mitchelson, founded Original Mixture in the 80's, to create a performance style that integrated clowning, circus, puppetry, and commedia in street arts and young people's theatre. Juggler, Doug Orton, joined us later. The company was a great succes, touring througout Great Britain and to Pittsburgh (USA). After Doug left the company became a duo again with 'the smallest circus in the world ..... honest', traveling to Houston/ Texas, Brisbane/ Australia, Hong Kong, Osaka and Tokyo/ Japan. After that, we were working as medieval troubadours with Fools Paradise and the New London Consort, we went to Florence and Athens. Coming back from Athens, Original Mixture developed street animation work which gave birth to 'The Newspaper Men' and the site specific companion pieces, 'The Manuscript Men', 'Cirque journal', 'Sanity Clauses' and 'Angels'.This work has become the speciality of the company touring to Paris, Halifax, Canada, Spain and Dublin. For more info on where you can see us, click on Shows!
We hope to see you around!
Mitch Mitchelson